Au Pair

Welcome to Nanny Nina and the Au Pair cultural exchange program in the Netherlands! If you want to become a host family, you confirm that you meet the following conditions.


  • Your family consists of at least two persons;
  • You are registered in the Personal Records Database (Basisregistratie Personen) of the municipality where you reside.
  • Your child(ren), the Au Pair will take care of, is registered at the same address.
  • Your income meets the income requirements. You can read the IND requirements here in Dutch and in English.
  • You have a private room available for the Au Pair at your address.
  • You are ready to welcome someone new in your family and like the idea of a cultural exchange.
  • You understand that the primary goal of the exchange year is not childcare but it is one way the au pair can thank you for your hospitality.
  • You are aware of the rules of the Au Pair program (maximum working hours, legal requirements, etc.) You can see the Au Pair Awareness Declaration you will sign a bit later here.

with Nanny Nina Au Pair Agency

  • You will be required to give Nanny Nina Au Pair Agency confidential information about your identity, residence, financial situation and family.
  • You are partnering with Nanny Nina Au Pair Agency in having a good cultural exchange which means sharing Dutch culture with your au pair through their stay and actively providing opportunities for your au pair to share their culture.
  • You will notify Nanny Nina Au Pair Agency of any change in your family, living arrangements or employment. New baby, separation, new house, major refurbishment, new job, etc.
  • You will sign an agreement and weekly schedule with Nanny Nina Au Pair agency and your au pair detailing the tasks the au pair will do in exchange for living with you.

What Nanny Nina Au Pair Agency does for you

  • Review intake information.
  • Take time to get to know you over a video call.
  • Manage your data with care to ensure compliance with data protection laws.
  • Present 3 profiles for you that we think would be the best fit for your family if you haven’t already found your au pair.
  • Interview and screen your au pair candidate thoroughly just like we do for our own candidates.
  • Check all documents before confirming a match.
  • Create reports on the selection and suitability of you as a host and your au pair to submit to the IND.
  • File an application to the IND if your au pair is from outside the EU.
  • Communicate with you and the au pair throughout the process.
  • Facilitate the cultural exchange through events, mediation and information at the right time throughout.

For Nanny Nina to find your perfect match

  • You take time to share your expectations, preferences and your family information.
  • Nanny Nina Au Pair Agency follow up au pairs who meet your requirements to check current availability, validity of documents and present your family to them as well so please upload your most adorable pictures on your profile and add info that would help someone know what it would be like to share daily life with you.
  • We present 3 candidates who we think would be a great fit for your family. This should be the best of the best.
  • You pay the agency fee and receive the au pair candidates’ contact information.
  • If you feel after some interviews with them that none of the candidates are the sort of person you are looking for, we encourage you to update your profile to add the things you have discovered are important to you. At this point we would like to have another video call to understand your family better.

For Nanny Nina to confirm your own au pair selection

  • You share the contact details of your au pair and / or invite them to create an account using the link on your intake form.
  • Nanny Nina screens your candidate and confirms your match if he / she passes the screening process.

Documentation you need to provide

  • Scanned copy of host parent(s) passport and Dutch ID card (if you have one).
  • An original family BRP from your city hall. It needs to show all family members are living together. This is to be posted to us at Nanny Nina Au Pair Agency, Hendrik Figeeweg 1-P, Haarlem 2031BJ .
  • Documents relating to income if you fit one of these situations described by the IND in Dutch and in English.
  • Photos of your home from the street showing the door number, main areas indoors, floor plan and the au pair’s room.
  • You can always contact us if you have any questions. When we have received all documents and everything is in order, we can submit the visa application to the IND if your au pair needs one, or confirm the match between your family and your EU au pair candidate by asking you to sign the agreement and weekly schedule..

The Visa Procedure

  • A visa or residence permit is required for Au Pairs originating from non-EU countries.
  • Au Pairs from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan may enter the Netherlands on a tourist visa.
  • Au Pairs that require a visa and are in possession of a Schengen visa, may visit the Netherlands sooner. However, the Au Pair can only perform childcare and light household duties in your family’s home after having picked up their residence permit from an IND office in the Netherlands.
  • The visa procedure usually takes six to eight weeks, from submitting a visa application to the arrival of your Au Pair in the Netherlands but Nanny Nina cannot make any guarantees on this timeline as it is determined by the IND.
  • Nanny Nina Au Pair Agency does not start an application with incomplete documents or missing information.


  • Everything from visa application fees, events, welcome pack and support is included in our fee. No surprises later.
  • The host family needs to be aware that there are other costs involved payable to other parties:

If your au pair is from the Philippines

  • You, as the host, will need to attend an appointment to sign an au pair in front of an officer at the Filipino Embassy in Den Haag, pay them €22.50 and cover the costs of priority delivery of the attested documents to your au pair in the Philippines so he/she can attend an Department of Foreign Affairs.
  • Get au pair insurance prior to this appointment to be valid from the date of departure.
  • Pay for the au pair’s flights to and from the Netherlands. (approx €800).
  • Pay for a swab test before your au pair leaves the Philippines (approx €120).
  • These are requirements set by the Filipino government.

Practical things to do on Arrival

  • Once the au pair is in the Netherlands, you and your Au Pair are both responsible for taking care of the following matters:
  • Book appointment and Pick up your Au Pair’s residence permit at the IND-loket noted in her invitation letter.
  • Register your Au Pair at your address (municipal personal records database).
  • Request Au Pair’s BRP, our office needs to receive a copy of Au Pair’s BRP within 3 months upon his/ her arrival.
  • TBC Check-up at the Public Health Service (if applicable).
  • Open a bank account.
  • Take out basic healthcare insurance payment deducted from au pair’s account.
  • Apply for a DigiD code.
  • Apply for care allowance to go directly into au pair’s bank account.
  • Organize and register for a (language) course at either Nanny Nina Au Pair Academy or a language school of your choice.


As a recognized Au Pair agency of the Dutch Immigration Office, Nanny Nina Au Pair Agency have an information, administration and care obligation. This means that we are required by law to keep a complete dossier on you and your Au Pair.

What’s in the dossier?

  • Proof of Identity videos and pictures of hosts and au pair.
  • Application form (if visa required).
  • Au pair’s whole passport showing signature
  • Hosts’ Passports double page spreads showing ID and signature.
  • Hosts’ BRP uittreksel (alle inwoners ingeschreven op dit adres).
  • Au Pair’s apostilled (translated if needed) Birth Certificate.
  • Au Pair’s apostilled (translated if needed) Civil Status Certificate.


  • Hosts’ Income documents in one PDF under 8MB

House details

  • Pictures of house, door number, au pair bedroom and bathroom.
  • Notes on the address of the house check, date, time and agent name.

IND forms

  • Au Pair’s TB declaration.
  • Au Pair’s Antecedent's declaration.
  • Au Pair Awareness declaration signed by both parties.

Nanny Nina documents

  • Selection Docs: Intake Forms, House check, Motivation letters, Interview report.
  • Weekly Schedule.
  • Host - Au Pair Agreement.


  • BRP of au pair after arrival.
  • Proof of bank account.
  • Proof of TB test if required.
  • Proof of Zorgtoeslag.
  • Proof of (language) course.
  • Notes on personal calls, emails, WhatsApps throughout.
  • Evaluation reports on profile..

Pre-departure confirmed by both parties on profile

  • Proof of tickets to and from the Netherlands. *departure ticket must be booked 12 weeks before end date at the very latest.
  • Stopping au pair insurance.
  • Stopping health insurance.
  • Stopping Zorgtoeslag.
  • Closing bank account.
  • De-registering from the Gemeente.

Contact the Au Pair’s Stay

  • To fulfil our duties and to ensure a successful cultural exchange, we ask you to fill in an evaluation check on your profile every 6 weeks. If anything is less than perfect, we would call you to help you as best as we can.
  • We ask your au pair to fill an evaluation check every 4 weeks, following up with a call if there is anything less than perfect .
  • We aim to have a video call with your au pair at least once every 2 months during his/her stay.
  • For the first 3 months of settling in, we aim to check in with your au pair weekly as they are the hardest.
  • You are always welcome to arrange a call to talk with us about the stay of the au pair or changes in your family or anything that affects the au pair. Nanny Nina Au Pair Agency would like to provide you with information at the right time and provide support if problems arise.

Au Pair Events

  • At least six times a year, we host fun Au Pair events to showcase the Netherlands. Your Au Pair is free to participate in all events; we may request our Au Pairs to sign up ahead of time on some events. We will inform your family and the Au Pair via e-mail about the date and event details. Due to COVID-19 we are looking into alternatives to in-person events. Travel expenses are paid for by the host family.

Preparing for Departure

  • Four months prior to your au pair’s departure, you may want to search for and select a new Au Pair.
  • It’s advisable to begin a visa procedure at least 3 months before you want your next au pair to join you.
  • Your current au pair and you will receive a reminder to go through the Pre-departure checklist on your profile.
  • Feel free to ask us any questions at any point.
  • Email us at [email protected]

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