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Kids Information:
# 1 Hugo (7years)    
Preferred Language
Dietary Preference
Nothing, loving all the food
Family Religion:
Driving Licence Requirements:
Driving Licence Required
Has Pets
Start Date 09/2022
Duration 12 Months
An au pair suits us well, because we lead a turbulent life (own GP practice, 6 children who live away from home who regularly come home, especially the youngest 2 aged 15 and 13, but the most important kid is of course Hugo, our - gifted - son of 6, who needs to be ‘entertained’ once in a while.) We like to do an exchange with someone who has a different cultural background. Furthermore, I - Susanne - like to do the housework together and not alone. I like to have social contact during the day. I am really looking forward to it!

Tell au pairs about your children, your job, values, hobbies and fun things that make you a nice family!

My husband and I moved to Zevenbergen a year ago. We have 7 children together, but only the youngest (Hugo, 6 years old, funny, sweet, gifted, maybe ADHD...) still lives at home. Karel (57) has been working as a general practitioner in a nearby village for 30 years. Susanne (42) has been working in the same practice as a manager/medical supporter for 11 years. (We are together for 12 years.) It is always pleasant at our house. Everyone can join in and eat in. Accessibility and hospitality are very important to us, both privately and in practice. We go to church, but we are not very religious. Our daughter (26) and her girlfriend live together, also in Zevenbergen. She also works in our practice. My parents also come to live with us. It is a new neighborhood. We don't have a 9-5 job/mentality. Life comes as it comes with us. We like to be at home, with family or friends. We also have 2 dogs: Boston terriers. Our new house has 2 floors each with its own bathroom. Our bedroom and bathroom are downstairs. The first floor belongs to Hugo, the second floor can be used by you!

What are you looking for and expecting from an au pair? What will you expect from the au pair?

We are looking for an independent, friendly, decisive person who wants to come and live and work with us. A driver's license and good handling of dogs is important. Hugo goes to school in another village and has to be brought and picked up every day. I come home around a quarter past three. When Hugo is at school, it is nice that some light housework can be done, such as hanging/folding laundry, shopping, cleaning up a bit and cooking. We have an automatic vacuum cleaner :-) When Hugo is home he has to play the piano. Sometimes he has to go to swimming lessons, that is in another village so he also has to be taken there by car. Hugo is very independent, often plays outside alone. Sometimes we go do something fun, for example swimming, going to the playground or to an amusement park or to the forest. We also sometimes play a board or cards game. I would like Hugo to learn the basics of a second language by being in contact with an au pair.

What fun things can the au pair do around town, and what can your family offer to the au pairs during the au pair experience?

We have a camper and we can visit any place in the Netherlands. Two of our children live in our (student) apartment in Amsterdam, so we can easily stay there too. My sister lives in Vlissingen, there is a large beach there. But closer, half an hour's drive, there is the Grevelingenmeer where you can swim and paddle. In Zevenbergen you can grab a terrace, but it is not big. Breda (20 minutes drive) is more fun. Rotterdam is a 'world city' and only a 45 minute drive away. The Netherlands has many beautiful places and many museums that we could visit together. I also really like this for Hugo.

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