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Kids Information:
# 1 Boubou (2years)    
Preferred Language
French, English
Dietary Preference
Nothing, loving all the food
French, English
Family Religion:
No Religious Requirements
Driving Licence Requirements:
No Driving Licence Required
No Pets
Start Date 12/2022
Duration 12 Months

Tell au pairs about your children, your job, values, hobbies and fun things that make you a nice family!

I am a software engineer and due to circumstances, I live alone with my daughter in Balbriggan, Co. Dublin. I'm raising my daughter to be trilingual and she is a veritable chatterbox! She is very inquisitive and definitely keeps me fully occupied. I'm trying to raise her to be independent and do her chores by herself as early as she can. I currently work from home because I take care of her fully.

What are you looking for and expecting from an au pair? What will you expect from the au pair?

Most important for me is an native French speaker who knows how to work with highly inquisitive children. I'm raising my daughter to speak our mother tongue as well as French and English, so I would like the Au-Pair to be the French anchor at home, so I can focus on speaking only one language and she can learn English at school. This will reduce her tendency to mix things up which she does now as she speaks all 3 languages with me! :-) Also, I am looking for a playschool for my daughter currently, so by the time we get an Au-Pair, she should be going to school for about 4 to 5 hours a day. I need an Au-Pair to take off some of the childcare load like pick my daughter up from school and keep her occupied during the afternoon, which will mostly involve playing with her in or out of the house. I cook her meals so the Au-Pair would only need to warm things up and give her fruits as needed. I'll also put her to bed most of the time, but I may need to be late on some days and would appreciate help there. Most weekends I'll just chill with my daughter so the Au-Pair would almost always have weekends free. And house keeping work is not required as I do that and engage my daughter along with me. As long as general cleanliness is maintained, that's fine.

What fun things can the au pair do around town, and what can your family offer to the au pairs during the au pair experience?

We live about 7 mins walk from the beach! Apart from that, Balbriggan is a small quiet village. We've just moved to this area ourselves so we're still exploring. There's an hourly train to Dublin City, which helps.

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