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Kids Information:
# 2 Loek (8years)     Homme (3years)    
Preferred Language
Dietary Preference
Nothing, loving all the food
Family Religion:
No Religious Requirements
Driving Licence Requirements:
No Driving Licence Required
No Pets
Start Date 01/2023
Duration 12 Months

Tell au pairs about your children, your job, values, hobbies and fun things that make you a nice family!

Our family is a family with two sons, Loek (6 years old) and Homme (2 years old). They are very social kids and love to be active. We often go for a walk in the park or the forest, a bike ride or visit the swimming pool. They also love to build the biggest Duplo tower or longest wooden train track ever! Diederik, the father, is a lawyer. Minke, the mother, is a pediatrician.

What are you looking for and expecting from an au pair? What will you expect from the au pair?

We like an au pair who is open and communicative, patient, tidy, responsible and proactive. And most importantly: with a good sense of humour. Experience in working with children is preferred. We believe that an au pair can help in providing stability in our family and peace of mind.

What fun things can the au pair do around town, and what can your family offer to the au pairs during the au pair experience?

We live close to Leiden in the western part of the Netherlands. We have a lot of beautiful and nice cities to visit, like Amsterdam, Leiden, The Hague and Rotterdam. We also live close to the beach.

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