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Kids Information:
# 2 Laila (1years)     Lewis (2years)    
Preferred Language
Dietary Preference
Nothing, loving all the food
Family Religion:
No Religious Requirements
Driving Licence Requirements:
No Driving Licence Required
No Pets
Start Date 04/2023
Duration 12 Months
So our kids could have more one on one time with us. Im mostly alone with the kids and to do fun things really is too difficult. Really would like some help so i can give them both the time together and apart from eachother that they deserve

Tell au pairs about your children, your job, values, hobbies and fun things that make you a nice family!

We have a family of four. We have our oldest girl which is Laila. She is two years old. She is the most funny and clever girl. She loves to be outdoor and the be creative. We also have son Lewis. He is one year old. They are 11 months apart which makes it tricky somethings. But Lewis is a real Boy. He loves to run and jump on things. He loves his cars and loves to eat. They both are big animals lovers. My name is Joshy im their mother and im 31 years old. Im a stay at home mom. My fiance is called Yaron and hes 33 years old. He is from israel and moved here when he was 10 years old with his parents and his siblings. We also have 2 big dogs and cat who all want their share in attention.

What are you looking for and expecting from an au pair? What will you expect from the au pair?

We are looking for a soft kind hearted au pair who is okay when the kids get dirty or make a mess. We are here from them to learn and to explore. We love to make home meals and sit together, play sing and dance together. The household is a big job so we would like someone who sees the mess the kids created and teach them to clean up after themselves. Because of the dogs and cat there always something to do.

What fun things can the au pair do around town, and what can your family offer to the au pairs during the au pair experience?

We live in a very green area. There are a lot of local farmershops and windmills to see. Our house is on a small riverside which we can swimm in the summer. We also like to go on our boat in the summer. Its just 15 min from Amsterdam so you can do a lot of sideseeing as well.

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