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# 3 Elvy (10years)     Phinou (9years)     Ysse (6years)    
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No Religious Requirements
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Driving Licence Required
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Start Date 01/2023
Duration 12 Months
Yes, allthough I don't think we are a typical Dutch family. We do have enough challenges with three kids, two bussiness and lot's of energy. Martijn, the father travels a lot and the mom doe shave events that are outside bussiness hours. Our kids are very self supporting but they love the attention and need to be helped going to sporta activites and such.

Tell au pairs about your children, your job, values, hobbies and fun things that make you a nice family!

Our family consist of five people, mother Marcelien Bos- de Koning, father Martijn Bos, and our two lovely daughters, Elvy ( born 1-11-13), Phinou (born 30-3-15) and heartwarming rebel son Ysse (born 25-12-17). We are a very active sporty family who dislike sitting still. Elvy’s third word (after mommy and daddy) was ‘buiten’ (outside) and Ysse loves watching birds and catching fish and baby frogs in the ditch behind our house. The kids are really social and love to play together (with the occasional sibling fight) Phinou is a sensitive girl with a big drive to make livin’ fun. Elvy is a real ‘happy chappy’ and goes out to explore new stuff everyday. We love to do sports. Myself has been an professional athlete and Martijn run some marathons and needs to exercise every week a few times. Some people read a book to become calm, we like to pump our heart rate. We do not expect you to do the same but it will come in handy to keep up with our active live style and sporty kids.

What are you looking for and expecting from an au pair? What will you expect from the au pair?

We are looking for an active, reliable, loving, neat and responsible person, who is willing to become part of our family and is willing to be of an extra pair of helping hands. All three kids go to school (mostly by bike) and the mornings are always hectic. Morning blues, can’t find the right shoes, Elvy wants to be in time, Phinou needs all the time in the world to get ready, the dog needs his walk and we need to go work. At dinnertime it’s reversed. Mom basically runs the household without expecting help of the dad. He is too occupied with work that the best routine is not to expect him to help. If he does that’s a bonus. And he loves doing it! We also need extra help with keeping the kitchen clean, cook a simple meal, have food stored so no bugs, cats or dogs can reach it, to do washes and foulding of clothes, helping with small groceries and/or opening the door and storing groceries when delivered. We don’t expect you to walk the dog (only if you really like) but food for cats and dogs would be appreciated. We have a cleaning couple who takes care of cleaning the house once a week so no worry about that. The floor can have an extra sweep during the week due to sand and mud. One night a week we like to go out and have some us-time so then we need you to babysit too. We would love it if you would take some initiatives to go out yourself as well.

What fun things can the au pair do around town, and what can your family offer to the au pairs during the au pair experience?

About your room: we’ve just been adding the house a bit. We’ll have an extra bedroom ready which is brand new and is at the back of the house. Offcourse we’ll have WIFI and a television provided. During the day the mom has office space in an extra house at the end of the garden. That area is occasionally by the dad too. We live close to Amsterdam and you'll find other aupairs in teh area. In the same village but more in the village next door: Bussum.

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