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La Colle sur Loup
Kids Information:
# 2 Simon (4years)     Julie (6years)    
Preferred Language
Dietary Preference
Nothing, loving all the food
Family Religion:
No Religious Requirements
Driving Licence Requirements:
Driving Licence Required
Has Pets
Start Date 03/2022
Duration 12 Months

Tell au pairs about your children, your job, values, hobbies and fun things that make you a nice family!

2 fulltime working parents Papa works at 20km from home, mama works abroad (so is only there part time, and travels a lot). Hikes, skiing, garden, playin, bicycle, cooking, baking with the children.... the older the kids get, the more activities we can do and let them explore the world.

What are you looking for and expecting from an au pair? What will you expect from the au pair?

morning from 7 to 830 prepare kids for school (5 minue walk) then 1 simple chore: switch on washing machine or clean up breakfast area etc) pcik up childern at 16h30 from school till papa comes home (1800). Maybe prepare simple dinner. (often papa cooks) Ocassinal babysit in the weekend

What fun things can the au pair do around town, and what can your family offer to the au pairs during the au pair experience?

Cities of Cannes, Antibes, Nice are close. Hiking, outdoor activities, villages, mountains, beach

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